Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rakhshabandhan: vow to a safer society

The annual festival of Rakhshabandhan is meant to perpetuate the everlasting ties between brother and sister. The word “Rakhsha” signifies safety and Bandhan is an association announcing an abiding bond. In ancient times this bond of security was celebrated as a symbolic peace ambassador, where a queen used to send this anti-war thread to other kingdoms for ensuring the harmony, non-violence and security among the two Empires and it was carried out as a lifelong vow.

But, in today’s society only few girls have the pleasure to pursue their chase of dream beneath their brother’s safe wings. Others have to live separately from their family to spend a life they wish. In today’s scenario who will lock up their safety? Social Binding is the answer to this. Let’s make up our mind to save all ladies of our society. It might be a friend living separately from her family, a classmate in the hostel, a lady in the new city or a girl travelling daily in the bus. Let’s promise a calm shelter to them.

Let’s celebrate this Rakhi as an Event to cease the violence in society. Why only vow to protect one’s sister only, let’s pledge to protect the whole women population. This relation of protection is not limited to a brother-sister, but is an Event to Celebrate the Social Binding, which is very well executed in the new Idea advertisement. It can be among a Defense man and a citizen, a security guard and a little school girl, a bus driver and a daily traveler, and many more.

Let’s Honor them for helping us in the situation, let’s thank them for being our guide, let’s gratify them for the guarding, and let’s acknowledge them of their significance. Let us salute the bond of safety with everyone who immune our shelter from any mishap.
To save the sister with same blood in veins…
Is a ritual taught and in our mind it always remains…

Why not pledge to save all ladies…?
Why not vow safety to all…?
Why it needed to be a brother…
Let us be a guard to each other…
United we stand, divided we fall…
But a thread of peace can save us all…

Wish you all a Happy Rakshabandhan!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Indore’s land blessed with a Strong employment base from TCS

The news is surprising and is obviously a “good news”. Not only Indore but the whole state is filled with an enthusiastic wave and expecting a bright future of the nation. The mini metro is all set to offer better employment opportunities with nation’s leading software firm-
Tata Consultancy Services.

Heralding a bright beginning of work by the giant IT Company TCS, sets up a strong base for the city to inherit all the progress and development in IT sector. This is a golden start of a new era in IT sector which will decide the future of a progressing state like Madhya Pradesh.

10th august, 2013, when TCS is laying the foundation of its new project in Indore, it will surely prove a memorable day for everyone. Hundreds of college students from the city as well as from the other towns of the state will take part in the youth festival which is to be held after the “Bhoomi-Poojan” of the company with an expected crowd of around 20,000 people.

The Chief Minister of the state Mr. Shivraj Singhji Chouhan and TCS chief executive officer
Mr. N Chandrasekaran will be the chief-guests for the auspicious ceremony. The felicitous occasion will take place in the eminent presence of State Commerce, Industry and IT Minister Mr. Kailash Vijayvargiya and IT secretary Mr. Hari Ranjan Rao, who will lay the foundation of the prosperous project. 

TCS will complete its first phase in the coming two years by taking up Rs 550 crore as the major investment and will generate a direct employment of 5000 people and an indirect employment for 15000 people across the state. The company at present has an annual turnover of 40,000 crore and is providing an employment to 2 Lakh people in 42 countries. The company has already started the recruitment and is ready to announce a full-fledged development centre including a small data centre and a BPO for Software Development opportunities.

To the city’s surprise, TCS Indore campus will be a state-of-the-art facility with a perfect blend of aesthetics and local culture along with the world-class facilities and features. The Indore campus will inherit the green building concept with the entire positive and environment focused energy efficient systems to take a great care of the city’s peaceful environment.
With all these development-contributing factors and tremendous hope of a shining IT future, it off-course is a boon to the city and a golden opportunity for the youth working away from their own and progressing home-town Indore.

So, get ready, for the biggest boost in the “Happening- City”. A lot of good is happening here and you can expect even more from Indore. All the Best.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Befriending the Ad World 4th August Friendship Day

Sharing secrets, hiding mistakes
Playing pranks, dancing in rains
All it speaks is a bond so strong,
 Known as FRIENDSHIP and lasts long.

Can you imagine your life without the person, with whom you share your outbursting emotions every day or a person who is always ready to lend his shoulder along with his PJ’s to cheer you up again?  Of course not. We all need a friend to rely upon, to believe on, to share the grief and to get mental relief. But maintaining this relation during the life’s ups and downs is this simple? No. Because, in life where it is difficult to find time to talk to oneself, it is almost impossible to steal the moments out of the busy schedule to talk to our dear ones.

Friendship Day obviously is a granted opportunity to go back to the golden days when we dreamt of being with our childhood friends for the whole life and endows us with an easy path to celebrate that togetherness, to respect the differences and revise our life’s preferences.
But should this celebration be bounded to 24 hours? No, the frolic should go on. Each moment of life spent with friends should be made enjoyable enough to be treasured in the lasting frames of our hearts.


Call it a way of creating reminiscences or socialization; the Advertising world is ADding spice of Friendship to its persuading advertisements to connect with the target audience emotionally.
 “Wherever You Go, the Network Follows which is Happy to Help (Vodafone) you Celebrate Small Occasions With Friends (Cadbury) and enjoy the Yummy Taste Of Friendship (KFC) with Your New Chataakedaar Company (Domino’s) to Cherish The Gift From Your Very Own (Titan Sonata)”.

Remember something? The above paragraph is dedicated to the latest advertisements creating a “Dosti Effect” on the minds of young as well as the aged consumers following the products.

Following the same,  Coca-Cola and Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai have come together to develop a new art and digital campaign that has a unique approach to “happiness creation” for the friendship experiment along with conducting different interesting activities all over the world.

Whether it is Airtel friendship campaign- “Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera Hai” and “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai” or the new marketing idea, “Yaar Tu God Hai”, Friendship is being celebrated as a unique bond in the movies, songs, stories, daily soaps and Advertisements.

These exploding and amazing communion examples have helped the audience win friends and influenced them to a great extent, as a result of which the advertisers are using this obvious human emotion of friendship to fulfill their commercial objectives.

When Advertising world is not left behind in celebrating the “Friendship Day” throughout the year, then why are you waiting?

Call an old friend today and make him feel special…plan a blasting “Friendship Day” with him and make a promise to take this bond beyond the limitations of a day so that you can cherish this Friendship throughout your life.


Author:- MATChBOX India