Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Google+ after beating LinkedIn and Twitter paces up to outplay facebook!

When did you check your Google account the last time? Probably you won’t remember. But your colleague would have logged in at Google plus at the present moment to take a view of the other websites.

Yes, despite of tasting the social networking success a little later, Google has proved itself on the social networking battle ground where Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn had already set their feet powerfully. A new study revealed by Janrain shows that, people who use social networks to refer other websites, almost half of them (46 percent) prefer Facebook. But, To your surprise Google+ stands at second position, with 34 percent of logins.

After facebook, Google has grabbed the second position effectively whereas; yahoo, twitter and other social sites are nowhere near to Google.

With its launch of limited users in 2011, in the two years, it has been successful in beating the social sites including the Chinese web portals which already have a million users. Stated by global web index, facebook, possess a large network of about 700 million users who are active on their accounts, Google is no far from giving a hard competition with more than 500 million registered users and 343 million active users.

Friday, July 12, 2013

World Population Day: How much do you know about our world

7,097,100,000…and counting. You share the planet with seven billion more! The earth seems to be getting heavier by the day, and according to UN's current projections, the World population is anticipated to reach between 8.3 and 10.9 billion by 2050. On World Population Day,

This very quick accelerating number raises a number of important issues – and the joined countries has selected an intriguing theme for this year from the promise list. The administration wants to address the topic of adolescent pregnancy, which exactly feeds the boost in the world population.
Adolescent pregnancy is a developmental and societal topic which is often a product of heritage and traditions that distinguish and do not allow for the rights of young women and women to be highly regarded or for them to make acquainted alternatives.
So this is a very significant and helpful agenda. By raising perception about accessing family Designing and the edge consequences of adolescent pregnancy, it should not only help decline the global community Development rate but also offer a possibility for many women round the world to have an advanced value of life.
This can benefit their families and groups too.
A aim of our Department for worldwide Development's events is on girl's education, which could play a crucial role in enabling juvenile girls to make informed conclusions about their future.
Young women who will have more power to leverage and change the status quo. We also design on supplying 2 million more twosomes in Ethiopia with get access to to family designing by 2015. But much more desires to be finished to empower girls and women.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Advertising - A catalyzer for consumers' never-ending hunger of wants

“A good Advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself”, an interesting and apt-to-Advertising quote by David Ogilvy, makes the purpose of advertising even more clear and concise. Before jumping to why advertising is done, it is essential to understand what is advertising.

Advertising is all about “persuasion”. It is the moment when a consumer is stuck in the middle of persuasion and choice or in much simpler words- Advertising is a mode of developing a communication between the advertiser and the consumer whose sole aim is to build a positive image of the product in the “solution-seeking” minds of consumer. It is used to encourage, persuade and manipulate the consumers so that he gets attracted towards the product, but to a pause, advertising does not end here. It further continues to engage the customer till he is persuaded to take a positive action regarding the product that eventually results in the unnecessary buying.

Advertising can mainly be classified into print Advertising, electronic advertising i.e., Radio, TV, internet, mobile and Outdoor Advertising mediums like hoardings and billboards. The three most common forms are detailed below:

Outdoor Advertising:- is regarded as a very effective tool of advertising which makes use of tools like billboards, hoardings, kiosks, tradeshows, events etc., having a high and immediate impact on the customers. Apart from this, Outdoor Advertising is considered to be an economical form of communication classifying further into posters, transits, bus stations, taxis, moving trains, terminal posters, POP (point of purchase) etc.

Print Advertising:- accommodates the advertisements printed on paper and handled by a specific potential audience. It is a very attractive and receptive mode of communication and poses a direct impact on consumer’s mind when he reads and makes a perception towards the written message. Print Advertising is considered as a very old form of advertising popular since 17th century and includes- newspapers, magazines, brochures, fliers, direct mailers, yellow pages etc.

Digital advertising:- Digital Advertising is one of the fastest and advanced modes of convincing the consumers in which the information is communicated with the help of Internet and mobile phones. Internet being a very common medium is one of the fastest and cheapest medium which has a global reach. Digital Advertising majorly consists of the two most popular modes that are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). Both of these are online mode of delivering the marketing message with the help of ad servers and social networking websites. The ads may appear on the search engines, social sites, banner ads, text ads, online classifieds, e-mail promotions etc.

Being derived from a Latin word, advertising actually “turn the minds of customer towards” the final product which eventually makes them spend money on the unnecessary products they don’t even need. At the end, advertising can be considered as the lifeline of a business which is true to a great extent.